Use free FilePanther app to get files from a site without a browser in Windows

FilePanther lets you access all files on a site without a browser in Windows

Here's how you can get FilePanther, a free app that will let you access files on a site without using a browser in Windows. 1. Go to the FilePanther page. 2. Scroll down and click the download link. Here's a list of FilePanther features: "Complete scan of a website on files to download Saving download URL's and download information into cachefiles Automatically cachefile download Automatically cachefile upload Integrated download manager Multilanguage support File search over all found files Configuration: Cachefiles, Priorities, URL pattern Ingnore-List Logging all the background activities in an event log"

For more, see the original article at the link below.


File Panther: scan websites and download files to your PC | Ghacks

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