Mobile Experience: The Next Check-List Item for IT Hiring

How well does your new prospective IT hire know mobile technologies? Instead of just accepting knowledge claims on a resume, employees and employers may soon have new ways of certifying the level of mobile expertise, thanks to certification programs starting to get underway.

In a story over on CITEWorld Ryan Faas talks about CompTIA's addition of mobile and cloud topics to certification tests, and how the organization is working with industry experts to determine the topics necessary for a mobile "certification" level. If this reminds you of our recent post that asked whether employees might need to bring their own devices in order to find work, it should. Just like it has changed the way businesses work, mobile is also changing the lives of everyone inside the industry, from knowledge workers to the IT staffs supporting all the connectivity.

In the networking business vendor and technology certification is a big deal; if you can pass the various flavors of Cisco certification you can pretty much assure yourself of at least an interview at many places, since routers are everywhere and not going away anytime soon. I think it's pretty safe to predict that we will start to see similar certification programs pop up for topics like cloud application management, mobile device management, and even things like device deployment.

As Faas' story points out, one of the big challenges going forward for mobility is the sheer number of different devices and platforms that need to be learned and managed. Will we start to see things crop up like specialized certifications for iOS devices, Android devices and certain cloud apps? Since it makes sense for both employers and employees, it's a good bet we will.  

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