Use free app Fresh WebSuction to download sites in Windows

Download web pages and sites in Windows with Fresh WebSuction free app

Here's how you can use a free app called Fresh WebSuction to download web pages and sites in Windows. 1. Go to the Fresh WebSuction page. 2. Click on the Download Free button. 3. Note that you may have to register an email address to download the app. Here's a list of features found in Fresh WebSuction: " You can configure level limit of the project. - You can set which file types and file extensions to be handled by Fresh Websuction. File types can be : HTML, Images,Audio,Video,Documents,Archived,User-defined and others. File extensions can be : htm, html, shtm, shtml, htms, htmlx, asp, pl, stm, stml,idc, htx, xsp, xml, cfm, cgi, htmp, php, php3, nsf, jsp, aspx. - Very easy to add, remove file type and file extensions. - You can choose to make followed links being converted or not."

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Download Websites With Fresh WebSuction | Ghacks

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