The Weekly Hash - April 5, 2013

A goofy romp through this week’s top tech stories and, also, the only time today (or probably ever) that Justin Bieber and Harvard University will be mentioned in the same article

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Bad news: you're officially stuck with those digital tunes you now regret buying

Did you watch the big Facebook Home announcement yesterday? I think the only surprise was Mark Zuckerberg opening up with “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. As for Home itself? It looked slick and all, although the Chat Heads feature seems creepy and, really, do those of us who already spend too much time on Facebook need a phone designed to make us spend more time on it? Negatory, I say. 

On with the Friday silliness...

A judge has ruled that reselling digital music violates copyright laws. He also ruled that buying Justin Bieber songs violates good taste.

European scientists reported on Wednesday that the $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, attached to the outside of the International Space Station, may have detected dark matter. They say it's already paid for itself, thanks to this discovery and that fact that it also picks up satellite radio for free.

Analog Devices CEO Jerry Fishman died of heart attack last week at the age of 67. He'll be remembered for his management skill, business instincts and popular movie review TV show with Gene Siskel.

On Thursday Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home for Android, which includes a home screen that features Facebook content. Here’s how it works: the home screen will allow you to easily swipe your way through the latest updates to Facebook’s privacy policy.

On Monday an appeals court ruled that Aero, a company that streams broadcast TV that it pulls in via antennas, was not violating copyright laws. The court said the service was legal as long as each consumer had his or her own antenna and that it was covered in aluminum foil.

Los Angeles has a created an app for people to find things in the city. Residents can use it to find important things like parks, libraries and plastic surgeons.

North Korea’s Twitter account was hacked on Thursday. Followers immediately knew something was up when their tweets started making sense.

Harvard University announced this week that they will review their email privacy policies, after several deans had their accounts secretly searched. President Drew Faust has vowed that the review will be thorough, complete and very well endowed.

The SEC announced this week that companies can now share corporate information with investors via social media. So now investors can make decisions based on a company’s sales, profits and what their CEO ate for lunch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter to Chinese consumers on Monday apologizing for only offering one-year warranties on iPhones, rather than two as required by Chinese law. Unfortunately, the letter backfired when he said the apology was only good for one year.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. I’ll be spending mine starting in on the spring lawn work. Pray for me.

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