Mobile Data Sharing Options Increase

One of the most common ways that mobile workers collaborate is on a document -- we've all been through the process of revisions, edits, adds, changes and deletes. The biggest challenge for document collaboration in a mobile setting is to make sure that A) as many devices as possible have access to the content, and that B) any and all changes are synchronized so that the process is error-free.

For users of the Citrix ShareFile mobile app, some good news arrived this month with the announcement of new features that allow for better mobile content editing. A report from The Next Web has a good recap of the announcement and the features added. (disclaimer: Citrix is the sponsor of the Mobile Enterprise 360 site.)

In any mobile document-sharing situation, the key features to look for are products that allow for multiple authors and editors, and the ability to edit multiple types of documents. Microsoft Office is the default king due to the popularity of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but there is also a growing demand for Adobe PDF file editing these days.

In terms of synchronization and security, what you want is for the latest version to always be identified, with the latest changes. Nothing is more frustrating than doing work on a document that has already been edited by someone else. You also want to look for controls that allow owners of the data to set rules on who can or can't edit or change a document. The good news is, announcements like Citrix's are a sign of a trend toward more mobile functionality. Which is great news if you are at the airport and need to edit a document, and only have a smartphone or tablet in hand.

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