Republicans in Congress tweet more often than Democrats

Almost all member of Congress now use social media, but Republicans use it more often than Democrats - and with more snark

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Not only do Republicans use Twitter and Facebook more often than Democrats, my own casual observations found that they do it with a little more humor (or snark). Taking a spin through recent congressional tweets, I found a few Republican zingers, like:

I found a Democrat trying to be funny too, but at his own expense:

Democrats (and left-leaning independents) are more likely to refer to themselves in the third person (or, rather, their staff members don’t bother pretending to be the boss):

Lastly (and, frankly, a little disappointingly), I only found one member of Congress tweeting about what he was eating:

Seemed fitting that the only member of Congress using the word “Stoked” was from Hawaii.

Do you follow any members of Congress on Twitter or Facebook? I think I’ll be following them all a little more closely now.

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