Microsoft to Windows 7 users: Uninstall a security update from this week's Patch Tuesday

One of the latest security updates is causing fatal system errors, so you should block it

Patch Tuesdays can sometimes be a precarious event. In the latest rollout of Windows 7 updates from Microsoft, one security update in particular has been wrecking havoc for some users. The symptoms: System errors, applications not loading, and/or the inability to restart. Microsoft's solution: uninstall the update or block it from installing, if you haven't updated your computer yet.

The update in question is number 2823324 in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-036. It can affect any Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 system, but Microsoft says the the issue stems from certain third-party software in conjunction with the update.

Although Microsoft has pulled the update from the download center and says the system errors don't result in any data loss, if you've downloaded or uninstalled it already, Microsoft advises you uninstall or block it just in case. Blerg. [via Sophos].

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