What you need to know about privacy policies--in about 5 minutes

Do you know what you're signing off to when you agree to a site's privacy policy?

We've all done it: Mindlessly click the "Agree" button so we can skip past the legalese and on to using a site or service. But what, really, did you just agree to? And what's the point of a privacy policy anyway?

Like other legal documents, privacy policies (and terms of services as well as use policies) are intricate things. This slideshow from the Zero Knowledge Privacy Foundation, founded by SpiderOak, aims to explain privacy policies in as clear language as possible. In fact, in just a couple of minutes, you'll learn what privacy policies are set up to do, why they're so tricky, and the most important sections to look out for.

Those areas to pay particular attention to include anything involving: licensing (what the company can do with your information) and disclosure (whether the company shares your data with other parties).

The slideshow neatly presents privacy policies in a nutshell, as well as further resources to learn more: The Fine Print of Privacy via BoingBoing

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