Download free auto correct app for all Windows applications

Install a free auto correct program that works with all Windows apps

Here's how you can download a free auto correct app that works with all Windows applications.

1. Go to the WordExpander download page.

2. Click the WordExpander download button.

Here's a description and system requirements:

"WordExpander increases your productivity by inserting frequently used text phrases into any Windows application. Type a pre-defined text shortcut, and WordExpander expands it into the full phrase.

Imagine, how many times have you entered a medical term, a drug prescription, patient reports or your address into your documents?

WordExpander makes repetitive typing history.

Insert Phrases in a Snap

Save valuable time by using text shortcuts to auto-complete words and paragraphs. No more typing of frequently used phrases. Insert long text snippets in a fraction of a second.

Works with any Windows Program

The free Phrase Expander program works in any program where you can type, like your web browser, text editors, Microsoft Office applications and your preferred email programs.

EasyComplete™ predicts your text input

WordExpander provides you with a list of possible word and sentence endings as you type. Our EasyComplete technology analyzes your text input and offers to complete the remaining sentence you started entering.

The Autocorrect feature saves additional time

WordExpander, the free Phrase Expander automatically detects what you are entering and automatically corrects your spelling mistakes as you type.

Smart Macro Commands

You can not only store static phrases with the free Phrase Expander. WordExpander also includes a built-in macro language that allows you to dynamically insert additional data into your text snippets.

Friendly Support and Easy-to-Use interface

The fresh and modern interface helps you to get started in a snap. Our friendly support commnuity helps out whenever you have question.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Microsoft .NET (will be automatically installed by the installer if missing on your computer.)"

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