Can Apple Compete in the Enterprise Cloud?

One of the numbers that jumped out at me from Apple's recent quarterly report is the 50 million new people who signed up for the company's iCloud services, bringing that total to 300 million.

Though some have pointed out that iCloud isn't built to be a collaborative tool, Ryan Faas looked at the iCloud numbers and did some tea-leaf interpreting of CEO Tim Cook's statements and wondered along the same lines, whether or not Apple may introduce some enterprise-friendly services. As Faas notes, "that could be a very good thing for Apple and for IT departments that need to support Apple products."

I think it makes sense for Apple to branch out into services, especially since its devices (and their consumer tilt) are causing the balance of BYOD administrative headaches these days. Why not make it simpler to manage or share info between Apple devices, using an Apple-approved service? One that is friendly to enterprise IT security and management desires? Seems to make sense. I guess we'll have to wait until the fall to see if it makes sense to Apple, too.

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