Hard Stat to Believe: Only 20 Percent of Tablet Owners Use Them for Business?

I had to do a double-take when I read Nancy Gohring's recap of the most recent J.D. Powers tablet satisfaction survey: Apparently, the survey of 1,857 tablet owners showed that only 20 percent of those tablet owners used their devices for business.

Really? Does anyone else find that figure sounding absurdly low?

I mean -- just walk through any busy airport and all you see are business people and their tablets. I don't fly that much anymore but on the flights I've been on lately tablets already outnumber laptops. And I guess a lot of families have bought tablets, since they're pretty easy to share. But are you telling me that only 1 out of every 5 tablet purchasers checks email now and then? What are the other 4 doing? Angry Birds?

I do believe, as Gohring concludes, and as Farhad Manjoo wrote over at Slate, that the tablet market is just taking off, especially for businesses. And when I say tablet market right now I mean iPad, because for all the talk about Android and Windows tablets it's still an iPad world, especially measured by the thing that matters, applications.

But I also think that there may already be more tablets in business use than 20 percent of total ownership. Anyone else on my side?  Let me know, come visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community.

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