Download Google Now for the iPhone and iPad

Google's know-what-you-want-before-you-search-for-it app is finally on iOS

Google Now is an incredible useful mobile app, which offers personalized alerts and information often before you even search for what you need. Previously only on Android devices, Google Now is finally coming to iPhones and iPads, via the Google Search app for iOS.

Google Now's "predictive search" tells you when you need to leave before a meeting, based on your Google Calendar entries; breaking news headlines, based on your previous Google search results; stock quotes, based on Google Finance information; and more. The information is laid out in attractive "cards" and, on Android, widgets and the phone's homescreen.

iOS users won't be getting the widgets and homescreen features, obviously, but 22 of the 29 currently available Google Now cars will be available through the iOS Google Search app on the App Store. You can view a list of Google Now cards and what they do on Google's support page.

Google Search was never a top app in the App Store (why use a separate Google search app when you could just search in the browser?), but with the new Google Now integration, it just might become one of the most useful apps on the iPhone and iPad.

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