The splendor of Earth, courtesy of NASA

Every day is Earth Day at our nation's space agency

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video's Photostream

I know tens of thousands of people are eager to leave behind boring, doomed Earth for the desolate and pitiless landscape of Mars (people, there's still plenty of time to think this through!), but before they rush out the door they should take a moment to appreciate what they hope to be leaving behind. In celebration of Earth Day, NASA has put together a stunning interactive feature and a video of our planet from orbit at various times and from many different angles in 2012. The interactive feature includes new views of Earth at night, graphics showing the Greenland ice melt, the ozone hole, the continuing rise of global temperatures, the increases in wildfires -- OK, I'm starting to understand the thinking of the wannabe Mars settlers a bit more. Here's the NASA video: Now read this:

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