The companies that protect your data from the government (and the ones that don't)

Twitter, Google, and Microsoft: Good. Apple, Verizon, and Yahoo: Bad.

Ever wonder what tech companies do when the government demands access to users' private data? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a group dedicated to protecting consumers' digital rights, has the answer in their latest annual "Who's Got Your Back?" report. In it, the organization rates 18 tech companies across six privacy criteria. The chart highlights with stars which ones tell users about government data requests, which fight for our privacy rights in Congress, and more.

Two companies received all six possible stars: and Twitter. Yay! Two received no stars at all: Verizon and MySpace. Apple, AT&T, and Yahoo each received just one star. Boo!

EFF notes that many companies are starting to adopt the privacy best practices the organization promotes, such as publishing law enforcement guidelines. Google got a special mention for challenging a National Security Letter to defend users' privacy rights.


View the whole report here.

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