Is BYOD inevitable?

Is BYOD inevitable? You certainly get that feeling when you see research reports from esteemed outlets like Gartner predicting that 50 percent of all enterprises will embrace bring-your-own-device plans by 2017. And every day it seems like there's another survey, like this one from Rackspace, which says that more corporations are moving more toward a mobile future. Can you resist? Will you? Should you? The one thing I see that is the possible fly in the ointment is the nagging lack of good hard statistics that prove BYOD has a ROI. It is very easy to find stories of how BYOD allowed workers to feel better and perform faster because they have their favorite device or app in hand. But finding number-crunching statistics showing a better bottom line for BYOD is hard. Even the smart people at Gartner admit that "Most leaders do not understand the benefits [of BYOD], and only 22 percent believe they have made a strong business case." One way around the skepticism is to float the idea that BYOD is about more than ROI -- it's about employee satisfaction. That will work for some. But is it enough to convince you to move your firm in the BYOD direction? Or will you be part of the half that sits and waits to see if BYOD is just another fad? Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to join the discussion.

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