Will you give the BlackBerry Z10 a chance?

I have to admit, that when BlackBerry introduced its Z10 smartphone, I wasn't awed and didn't see how it could possibly overcome the entrenched positions of iPhone and Android. But after reading Al Sacco's 10 Things BlackBerry Z10 Does That iPhone Can'tpost, I'm intrigued. And now I think BlackBerry might have a shot.

One of the main reasons why I think so is the 10th thing that BlackBerry does that iPhone can't, which is BlackBerry Balance. I'll let Sacco explain why it's so important, especially in an era of BYOD: "BlackBerry Balance is a technology built into the BlackBerry 10 OS that lets IT administrators create two separate personas on your smartphone: one for work; and one for personal. While Balance sounds like a feature designed specifically for IT, it also benefits users because it keeps all personal information separate from corporate data, so IT never has to access personal files - or delete them in case of a security scare. Balance couldn't be more unobtrusive for the user, so it doesn't affect the overall experience. And it provides piece of mind for both IT and Z10 users."

Judging from a quick run through of the comments on the original post, there is a lot of pent-up BlackBerry love that the Z10 is going to be able to tap into.

I also like the idea of a swappable battery (which I can also do on my Android Samsung) and a better touchscreen keyboard -- the main reason I have my Samsung Stratosphere is its slide-out physical keyboard, which my fingers prefer. I might try the BlackBerry Q10 when it becomes available, though what I really want is another version of the BlackBerry flip phone.

Are you listening, Alec Saunders? Make it so.

What about you? Are you willing to give BlackBerry another chance? Did you never leave and are now ready to be cool again? Or are those white earbuds so permanently lodged you can never go back? Cast your vote in the comments section here.

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