Donald Trump gets into the crowdfunding business

The Donald wants FundAnything to be like Kickstarter, only gaudier

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It’s not often that Donald Trump makes headlines in the tech world, but that’s what happened this week. Trump launched a new crowdfunding site, FundAnything, which is similar to Kickstarter. The difference is Trump said he will personally fund your project if he likes it - or if it promises to improves combover technology.

Anyway, here are the non-Trump tech highlights of this past week:

Yahoo is recruiting developers to help remake Flickr’s mobile app. They’re looking for developers with a passion for design and lost causes.

The word “hackathon” has been trademarked in Germany. Ironically, the punishment for using the word hackathon without permission is having to actually attend a hackathon.

People with Klout scores of 55 or higher can now get a free one day admission to American Airlines’ first class lounge. On the other hand, if your score is below 30 you’re no longer entitled to a complimentary in-flight beverage.

On Monday a federal judge used Star Trek references in imposing stiff penalties against a group of copyright trolls. Experts say he showed great restraint; he could’ve used Battlestar Galactica references.

Caesars Palace announced this week that they won’t let people wearing Google Glass into their casino. They’re concerned about Google Glass wearers cheating - and driving away all the hot chicks.

Researchers in the UK have identified the 23 oldest known words, which date back 15,000 years. They identified them based on linguistics, statistical analysis and Larry King’s memory.

A Massachusetts company is developing a four seat flying car. They say it will help people commute much faster, since they'll be able use the HOV lane.

Google is pushing a Google Glass update to developers and testers. The update includes tweaks to Google+, Gmail and also adds transition lens functionality.

President Obama signed an executive order on Thursday requiring government data to be made available in common, machine-readable formats. It's not clear how useful this will be; today the government released an API exposing the entire history of vice presidential lunch choices.

Bill Gates said in an interview on Monday that most iPad users were frustrated and would prefer the Microsoft Surface. He then had to cut the interview short to go home and watch American Idol on his Betamax.

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone! Be sure to get your mom something nice, and not just some lame e-card.

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