Own a Kindle Fire? Get $5 of free Amazon Coins to buy apps and games

Amazon's virtual currency is a way to save on Android app purchases

Amazon has launched its new virtual currency called Amazon Coins for owners of the Kindle Fire tablet. With Coins, you can buy apps and make in-app purchases, and possibly save as much as 10% on your app spending. Even better, to kick it off, Amazon is giving $5 worth of free Coins to all Kindle Fire owners.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you'll find 500 Amazon Coins in your Amazon account today, according to Amazon's press release.

Because these virtual Coins can be bought at a discount, with no expiration dates or fees, this might be a smart way to plan your purchases of apps or games. If you buy 500 Coins, worth $5, for example, you'll only pay $4.80 (4% off). Buy $50 worth of Coins and you'll save 10%.

Amazon Coins may especially be worth it for families to keep tabs on how much is being spent in the app store. Parents can load up their accounts with just enough Coins for their kids to buy apps or games, rather than linking solely using credit cards.

Learn more about Amazon Coins here. [via The Next Web]

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