Where are the BYOD phone commercials?

On the weekends I tend to watch mostly sports on television, which means I am completely up to speed on all the latest smartphone commercials. The one I was tired of before it was even over was Samsung's new S4 "graduation party" bit, where some whiz kid shows off all the cool new things his new phone can do to all the old fuddy duds who only have iPhones. Ha ha. Look, grandpa doesn't know what the coolest phone can do! What I am wondering is, with BYOD all the rage in the enterprise business world, where is the BYOD advertising? With phone makers jabbing at each other on the small screen, Why isn't Samsung rolling some tape about its KNOX idea -- maybe because it's not available yet? Where are the BlackBerry ads touting Balance's ability to let IT wipe lost or stolen devices clean? Maybe BYOD is too narrow a category for advertising types to target yet, but you have to believe the TV ad with an IT director saying "that's the safe phone for us" has got to be in production right now. Would a TV spot that you could share with your business consumers  on YouTube help steer your BYOD in a direction of better management? I can't believe these commercials haven't happened yet. Of course I am probably dooming myself to endless loops of BYOD chatter breaking up my weekend sport-watching. I guess I better be careful what I wish for. Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to join the conversation.

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