How to add Dropbox and Google Drive as storage options in Office 2013

Connect these online storage options to Microsoft Office as alternatives to SkyDrive

Microsoft Office 2013 comes with built-in SkyDrive integration, so you can save your office files in the cloud for easy access on all your devices. If you have more storage space on Dropbox or Google Drive, however, or just prefer to save files to those online storage services, then two simple scripts will allow you to do that easily.

Nirmal TV has posted the full instructions for connecting Office 2013 with Dropbox and Google Drive, so you'll see them listed in your "Save As" and "Open" menus.

Essentially, you just need to download and run a script for Google Drive and/or the script for Dropbox, following the command prompts to execute them.

That's it! Back in Office 2013, you'll see Dropbox and Google Drive added as connected services (you can remove them under the Account tab). If you need more help, check out Nirmal's post for screenshots of the process.

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