More Mobile Collaboration Apps Needed

There's probably not a lot of surprise in the news thatsales of Yammer, the cloud-based enterprise social networking product, have soared as of late for new parent Microsoft. Though dollar figures weren't broken out, the number of 312 new customers gained during the first quarter is a pretty good indication of the desire for real enterprise-grade collaboration apps.

What I am surprised about is that we haven't seen more enterprise collaboration apps in the market -- I know there are point applications and services for different discrete tasks (mail, sharing data and files, video conferencing) but I am wondering if it will take some more rolling up and integration before enterprise collaboration tools really take off.

I think what has to happen first is that enterprise collaboration tools have to at least equal what is out there in the consumer world -- both in terms of functionality and ease of use. I know there's a lot of talk right now about how LinkedIn is getting better at letting you share information with business contacts, but it's still nowhere near as easy to use as Facebook or Twitter.

What I'm wondering is -- what are enterprises using for collaboration now, and if that answer is "nothing," would an enterprise grade product make a difference? Or is email and cell phones enough right now?

Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community and let me know your opinion.

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