Xbox 720 headed to Gamescom, new Wolfenstein to next gen consoles, but no Battlefield 4 for Wii U

Credit: Source: Gamespot

Last week we learned that Sony would be at the GameStop EXPO with the PS4 this summer. Now Microsoft Social Marketing Manager Graeme Boyd has announced that Microsoft will be attending GamesCom (August 22-25th, 2013) in Cologne with the "Next chapter of Xbox gaming experiences." I think it's safe to assume that means Xbox Durango.

In that same post we talked about the new Call of Duty coming to next gen consoles and now we have another title confirmed for PS4 and Xbox Durango: Wolfenstein: The New Order coming from Bethesda and being developed by MachineGames.

Here's a trailer that comes Gamespot so I apologize if you get a lengthy ad at the start. It seems as though Bethesda has partnered with Gamespot as their primary media outlet since we're promised more Wolfenstein info on that site later today.

The game is scheduled for release in Q4 of this year, and it'll also be on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii U isn't mentioned.

The bad news for Nintendo fans doesn't end with Wolfenstein though. Ars Technica shares the news that DICE Technical Director for Frostbite, Johan Andersson, says the Frostbite 3 engine won't run on the Wii U. Frostbite 3 is the engine driving DICE's Battlefield 4 title, but it is also going to be used on Star Wars titles coming from DICE and Visceral (the Dead Space people). Not good news for Wii U owners who hoped this generation of Wii hardware would get more multi-platform titles.

To make up for all this bad news, I wanted to share this Resident Evil: Revelations trailer that shows off some features specific to the Wii U version of the game:

Sony has been making a lot of noise about how Indie-friendly PSN is. Yesterday they added an Indies Games category to their store in order to make these titles easier to find. As an added bonus they're offering Retro City Rampage for 50% and a Papo & Yo bundle (game and soundtrack) for 40% off. More details on the Playstation blog.

Last up for today, the mad scientists at Valve are at it again. Valve's Mike Ambinder is an experimental scientist who is working on using eye tracking and monitoring sweat levels (!) to enhance gaming. He's cobbled together a version of Portal 2 that lets you control the game with your eyes, and a version of Left 4 Dead that increases the speed of the game as you sweat more. That's just sadistic! Wouldn't you think they'd slow the pace as people got nervous and started to sweat more? I guess the idea here is to teach you that remaining calm is the key to success. Anyway VentureBeat has more details on these experiments (neither of them ready for public consumption yet, by the way).

Here's the talk Ambinder gave at the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, as recorded by VentureBeat:

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