Is there Tumblr in Your Enterprise?

Yahoo's billion-dollar dealfor blogging service Tumblr may not seem like an enterprise IT story, but that's only if you don't know how much consumer collboration tools are invading the enterprise.

Nancy Gohring's story on CITEWorld today recaps a survey by consultant-services firm Avanade that found Facebook and Twitter as the dominant enterprise collaboration tools. The consumer-grade services, the survey found, were used far more than enterprise-specific tools like SharePoint, Chatter, Jive and Yammer.

Though there is probably upside for enterprise collaboration services that can prove their ease of integration with business tools or show higher levels of security, my guess is that the future will always hold a mix of consumer and enterprise services, if only because the consumer services are typically easy to use and heavily promoted.

Tumblr became popular in part because of its sheer simplicity, pointing to the fact that sometimes the need to simply communicate will override any long list of "important" features. Over the past few weeks I've run across several corporate Tumblr blogs, which makes me think the service may be more embedded in the enterprise than many think. Has it proved useful to you? Or are you on a campaign to keep consumer services out of your corporation? Good luck with that if so. Though you might have a good reason for doing so, I think such strategies will come Tumblr-ing down.

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