The Senate may be interested in how Tim Cook likes his coffee

The Apple CEO insists that his company doesn’t dodge taxes, but instructions to his personal assistant may suggest otherwise

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Gimme a venti dark with extra cream, hold the sugar and sales tax

Whew, what a week for Yahoo, huh? They bought Tumblr, redesigned Flickr and today CEO Marissa Mayer changed her last name to Mayr.

But as my cartoon above shows, it wasn’t just Yahoo making big tech news this week. Let’s do a pre-Memorial Day weekend wrap up of the top tech stories of the past few days.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared before the Senate on Tuesday to deny that Apple is dodging taxes. He said he hasn’t sweated that much since he had to tell Steve Jobs that all of his black turtlenecks were at the dry cleaner. 

Tim Cook told the Senate that Apple is going to begin building Macs in Texas. He said they’ll be the first Macs that come with spittoons.

This week Yahoo reached a deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion. In order to make the deal as simple as possible, the contract is being drawn up by Tumblr’s designers.

Yahoo released a redesigned Flickr web site this week. With the purchase of Tumblr and the redesign of Flickr, Yahoo has confirmed their commitment to user-generated content and their hatred of the letter ‘e’.

In addition to buying Tumblr and redesigning Flickr, Yahoo also announced this week that they’re opening a new office in Times Square. Yahoo has been so busy, Marissa Mayer has banned employees from ever going home.

Microsoft unveiled the newest version of the Xbox, the Xbox One, on Tuesday in Redmond. You can tell they geared it towards men; for instance, it can display the stats of your fantasy team and and it can also douse you in Axe body spray.

Microsoft’s new Xbox One can be controlled by your voice. For example, to turn it on you say “Xbox on”; to turn it off, you say “Xbox, Honey Boo Boo is on”.

Twitter finally added a more secure login process this week. Here’s how it works: after entering your password, to verify your identity you have enter a code that Twitter will text to you and also upload a picture of your lunch.

This week the Department of Defense approved iOS devices for use on its networks, joining BlackBerry and Android. When it comes to mobile device choice, the military’s new policy is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Google is going to shut down Google Checkout. It will be shut down in November, but anybody waiting in line at the time will be able to complete their purchase.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! Here’s hoping that all you Memorial Day grill masters come to back to work on Tuesday with your eyebrows intact.

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