Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday party hits a snag

Facebook’s founder turned 29 on Tuesday and the party may still be going on

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What could the Zuck possibly wish for?

Congratulations on making it to Friday! Clearly, the big tech news this week was Google I/O, their annual developer conference. Unlike last year’s big show, this year’s didn’t include any skydivers - only a sad, and hoarse, Larry Page

While Google I/O did dominate the week, it wasn’t the only big tech story. Read on and see...

The keynote address at Google I/O on Wednesday was attended by 6,000 people and lasted for more than 3 hours. Here’s how long it went: Jesse Jackson finally flew in to negotiate the release of the attendees.

Google unveiled changes to Google Maps at Google I/O, including new icons. For example, bad restaurants will now be marked with a picture of Gordon Ramsay.

Google also announced it will now automatically enhance photos uploaded to Google+. It’s pretty smart; it will smooth wrinkles, reduce graininess and, when any dad uploads a photo, it will automatically remove his thumb from the picture.

Google CEO Larry Page is suffering from paralyzed vocal chords that are making it hard for him to speak. It's so bad that when he appeared at the Google I/O keynote, instead of talking he communicated using smoke signals generated by burning wads of cash.

New York’s attorney general has asked Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft to help prevent cell phone theft. Microsoft has agreed to share its tips for making phones that people don’t want.

Amazon launched their own digital currency on Monday, called Coins. So far, the coins are a big hit, aside from the Sacagawea ones.

A German court has ruled that Google must remove offensive autocomplete search results. So, if you live in Germany, good luck searching for “wiener schnitzel”.

Google has demanded that Microsoft remove its YouTube app from the Windows Phone Store because it violates the YouTube API terms of service. Microsoft was shocked to hear this; they had no idea anybody had visited the Windows Phone Store.

BlackBerry will be releasing a newer, thinner smartphone this summer called the Q5. They say they wanted to come up with something slimmer for beach season.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said this week that they’re working to make healthcare data more open and available to developers. They said the first step is to reduce the amount of time that developers have to wait alone in their underwear before they can get the data.

There you go. Have a great weekend! I’m gonna try to not think about Google for a few days; I’m Googled-out.

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