Get a free year of ShopRunner 2-day shipping with an Amex credit card (save $79)

ShopRunner is like Amazon Prime membership, but for more stores, incl. Newegg and Toys R US

ShopRunner is one of those shopping add-ons you're not sure you'll need but come in really handy if you ever do. It offers unlimited 2-day shipping (regardless of order amount), free shipping on returns, and special deals on thousands of brands. And often ShopRunner offers free memberships (a savings of $79), like this promotion for American Express cardmembers.

A ShopRunner membership means when you buy certain products at one of its many affiliates (Babies R Us,, eBags, MacMall, Newegg, and so on), your shipping is not only already covered, it's upgraded to 2-day shipping. Even if your order total is less than $5. It's like Amazon Prime membership, but for many more popular stores.

To get in on the free one-year membership or extension of your current membership, register your American Express card here. (It won't be charged, and to be sure, you can change the card number after you get the year extension or free new year.)

Some Amex cards won't qualify, so look to Slickdeal's post to find out the other insider details for this offer.

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