Embracing, Managing Cloud Use Beats the Alternative

I always like reading posts about the information found by the company Skyhigh, which looks inside enterprise firewalls to see what apps are really being used. The latest report from Nancy Gohring over at CITEWorld quotes Skyhigh claiming that users are accessing 10 times as many cloud apps as IT thinks.

That's a lot of denial.

The so-called personal cloud services are booming for a reason: They are simple to use, and they let people work in a mobile fashion with greater flexibility than they could before. They're not using these apps to be sneaky or to subvert their employers. They're using public cloud apps because they don't require you to jump through hoops of multiple, slow authentication schemes. They're using cloud apps because they are fast and generally work with most devices.

Can you say the same for your internal apps or corporate network?

The good news is, vendors are stepping up to the plate and starting to develop more ways to bring corporate control to the cloud services already being used. One interesting announcement today has our site sponsor Citrix making its ShareFile service more Microsoft-friendly by adding integration with SharePoint and supporting the ability to store data on Microsoft's Azure service. We've also heard noise from suppliers like Box and DropBox about making their services easier to manage from an enterprise IT standpoint.

There have been headlines about some firms banning the use of such consumer online services, but I don't think those kinds of actions will hold water for long. Are you a cloud controller or a cloud embracer? Which do you think you will be 5 years from now?

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