Tablet Use Continues to Soar

Another day, another survey showing that tablets are increasing in popularity. This time USA Today is reporting on a scholarly survey that finds a 2 percent increase in tablet use for airline travelers. The line that jumped out at me was the one that noted, "At any given point, more than one in nine passengers was using a tablet."

My question for the CIO and Enterprise IT audience is -- have you started adapting applications and services for tablets yet? Why or why not? I know we regularly see stories about how certain vertical industries are using tablets in somewhat predictable cases: Customer service, mobile payments, etc. That's clearly the low-hanging fruit for the tablet app market.

But what about regular employees, and regular everyday apps? Are there ways that the tablet form factor -- highly mobile, long battery life, big enough screen to do real work -- can change the way an enterprise app or service works for the better? Is the tablet form factor itself a part of your mobility strategy, or do you just consider it another device?

I still think we are at the early part of the tablet adoption curve; the next big steps, I think, will come when truly innovative apps take full advantage of the mobility tablets bring to the table. Or to the seat-back table, if you will.

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