Is the Post-Windows Enterprise IT World Upon Us?

It's only one report, and you can take predictions with whatever grain of salt you want. But when a respected research house like Forrester comes out with a strong report that says enterprises are going to skip over Windows 8 as a standard, it may be time to think more about an enterprise IT world where Windows isn't dominant.

If this change happens, it most certainly won't be overnight since there is a lot of legacy Windows apps in use today. But I wonder if we are already seeing an enterprise IT world that is moving much faster than Microsoft can produce updates. I also wonder how much of this is mobility making the idea of a "desktop" less relevant. If your business apps are being tailored for smaller-screen devices, how much longer can the need for a Windows base hang on?

Like I said before, I have no personal preference or professional recommendation of one platform over another. If you and your organization are Windows diehards and have a good reason for it, let us know. Until then, all we can do is read research like Forrester's and pick up on other signals like the slow sales of Windows mobile devices and come up with the conclusion that the post-Windows world may already be upon us. Is that what you see?

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