Should Enterprises Embrace Google?

There was a lot of news coming out of the Google I/O keynote speech today, but nothing as far as I could tell about whether or not Google's services were going to be more enterprise-friendly. Since we had a Twitter chat taking place at roughly the same time as the Google event, we were able to get some real-time reaction from our participants about whether or not Google services are worthy of enterprise use.

The instant verdict? Services like Google Drive and Gmail are incredibly simple and useful, but the support system leaves something to be desired. Understandably, when you are providing basically free services to millions of users there's not going to be a lot of hand holding if and when things go wrong. But read what one two of our featured guests had to say about Google in the enterprise:

With more integration for things like video chat, it's probably inevitable that more Google services will find their way into the enterprise IT mix, either by approval or through BYOD-type use. Does that work for you and your enterprise? Or are Google services kept out of your environment?

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