Find all your receipts in Gmail automatically

The lazy way to keep track of your spending: Let Google gather your receipts for you

If you're a Gmail user, you probably have all your order receipts in your email...somewhere. The easiest way to find all of them at once is through Google's experimental Smart Label feature.

Smart Labels is how Google automatically classifies and labels some messages as bulk, notification, and forums messages. You don't even have to turn on the experimental feature for it to work.

As the Google Operating System blog points out, you can use the "receipt" smart label to also automatically classify emails that have or are receipts. just enter label:^smartlabel_receipt in the search box to find all your emailed receipts.

To automatically create a label such as "Receipts" based on Google's automatic receipt detection, after typing in the smartlabel search above, click the down arrow in the search box and choose to "create filter with this search." Then create and apply a new label called "Receipts" to all matching conversations.

Voila! Instead of having to manually file or filter receipt emails, they'll automatically be labeled as Receipts in Gmail.

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