Xbox 720 revealed today, new Xbox music show next week, and an out of focus PS4 video

Today's the day Microsoft finally fires back at Sony in this year's next generation console war. We've been talking about Xbox 720/Xbox Next/Xbox Durango/Xbox Loop/Xbox Infinity (pick your favorite name) rumors for months, and today we'll finally get some (but probably not all) answers.

The event kicks off at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET. You can watch it live on your Xbox, at or if you're in the US or Canada, on Spike TV. For more details about how/where to watch, check out the Major Nelson blog (Windows Phone 8 users will want this post).

My best guess is that this event is going to focus on hardware and media aspects of the new Xbox, and show just a couple of games. E3 is just a few weeks away and that's when Microsoft will throw open the doors and windows and wow us with a much larger selection of game titles. I'm sure we'll see Call of Duty: Ghosts tomorrow, and the rumor mill says Fifa 14 will be there too. A new Forza game would be a great way to show off the new graphics abilities in a sexy, colorful way.

Microsoft couldn't wait until today to announce The Music Room, a new live program that will air on Xbox Live on May 29th. The show is hosted by Laura Jackson, along with special guest Carl Barât, and will features performances by Everything Everything, Don Broco and Swim Deep. I'm too old and too un-hip to know who any of these people are but if you're into British music they should be familiar names, I take it.

The big pitch here is that the show is supposed to be 'interactive' which sounds cool, but the one audience driven action shown in the trailer (embedded below) is "What should Laura do next?" with options of "Play Dance Central 3," "Sneak into soundcheck," and "Nose around backstage." Doesn't seem exactly earth-shaking to me but maybe I'm just bitter because today's music scene has left me in the dust. Anyway here's the trailer:

Most gamers are focused on Microsoft this week but Sony is trying to stay relevant by releasing a teaser video for the Playstation 4, promising that we'll see the whole thing on June 10th.

Honestly I think Sony would've done better to just stay quiet this week. The video feels a little desperate to me, but you can decide for yourself. Here it is:

I don't know about you, but that video didn't do much to change my excitement level about the PS4. Sony needs to stop goofing around and just show us the darned thing!

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