NASA's great video of an explosion on the moon

Meteor slamming into lunar surface visible from Earth with naked eye

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/DBduo Photography

Asteroids slam into our moon fairly frequently, but the space rock that hit the lunar surface on March 17 was epic. For the past eight years NASA has been monitoring the moon for explosions caused by meteors. They've recorded more than 300. None, however, as big as the blast from the March 17 impact, which exploded "with a flash 10 times brighter than anything we'd seen before," NASA said in the video below. "Anyone looking at the moon at the moment of impact could have seen the explosion, no telescope required," NASA said. The meteor, which weighed about 40 kilograms, hit the lunar surface at 56,000 miles per hour, NASA said. The explosion was the equivalent of 5 tons of TNT. NASA reported the explosion on Friday and produced the 4-minute video below. If you just want to see the explosion, go to the 00:47 mark. Now read this:

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