Learn how to use Windows 8 with Microsoft's "User Training Brochure"

Because some of the controls on Windows 8 are not exactly intuitive

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is here to stay and it comes with a whole new way to interact with your computer. Getting around the new operating system requires learning a few new tricks, which you can find out all about in one convenient 36-page PDF from Microsoft.

The Windows 8 End User Training Brochure should be packaged with every Windows 8 system, in my opinion. It's a quick read that shows you how swipe, tap, and click to use the OS. In it, Microsoft shows you how to get back to the Start screen, use the corners to switch between open apps, rearrange and group apps, find app commands, and more. It's also got convenient cheat sheets for keyboard shortcuts and other navigation controls.

I've been using Windows 8 for a while, but learned a new feature from the PDF: the ability to flip ahead to a new page or article on the web using Internet Explorer 10.

Already a Windows 8 pro? You probably know a newbie or two that would appreciate this free user manual.

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