iPhones and their owners, sitting in a tree, T-E-X-T-I-N-G

New data shows iPhone owners use their devices more than do Android owners

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/BOKEH BURGER

Google's Android may be the world's most popular mobile operating system, but when it comes eliciting deep affection and intimacy from smartphone users, Apple's iPhone remains tops. New data from an Experian mobile and digital panel shows how Americans use their smartphones. Among the findings: * The average adult American uses his or her smartphone for 58 minutes a day. (Honestly, that seems low to me.) * Smartphone owners on average spend 26% of that time talking, 20% texting, 16% on social networks, 14% web browsing, 9% emailing and 8% playing games. Those are percentages for all adult American smartphone users. When Experian breaks out data for iPhone and Android users, some interesting differences emerge. For starters, iPhone owners use their devices more, an average of 75 minutes a day versus 49 minutes a day for Android users, or 53% more. How each group uses their preferred devices also differs. The average order of use for Android phones is: Talking (28%), Texting, Surfing, Social (16% each), and Email, Games and Other (8% each). For iPhone users it's: Texting and Talking (22% each), Social (16%), Surfing (12%), Email and Other (10% each), and Games (8%). Bottom line: Android users talk and surf on their smartphones more than iPhone owners, who text more than the former and use their devices about 50% more. Now read this:

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