You may kiss the bride and tweet a selfie [CARTOON]

How social media is changing everything, including weddings; plus a wrap up of this week's top tech stories

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Tweet now or forever hold your peace

We’re all about to go through our first wedding season since Vine was released. I expect to soon see lots of six-second videos of bouquet tossings, garter removals and newlyweds smooshing cake in each other’s face. It’s all good, I guess, except for the impact on those of us attending weddings (as I will be this weekend) who can’t dance; I don’t need my lack of coordination and moves shared with the world. But, what can you do?

In other technology matters, the following stories all went down this week...

It was reported this week that the NSA has been collecting phone records for a large number of Verizon users. They also tried to ask AT&T for the same data on their users, but their calls kept getting dropped.

Google said that they will not allow sexually explicit content on Google Glass. The announcement was made by Google’s Chief Buzzkill Officer.

Facebook has signed a lease to move its New York office to a bigger space. Not surprisingly, the new offices will offer no privacy.

Microsoft CIO Tony Scott has left the company. He said he was looking forward to spending more time keeping his family behind-the-times.

Zynga, the maker of Farmville and other social games, laid off 18% of its workforce on Monday. The good news is the workers were given a generous severance package of farm bucks.

Google is going to power its data center in Finland with a wind farm. Also, Google Glass will be powered by propeller beanies. 

Verizon has agreed to pay $1billion to stream NFL games to wireless phones on Sundays this season. The deal was applauded by football fans and divorce lawyers everywhere.

The Solar Impulse, a solar powered airplane, landed in St. Louis on Tuesday morning after leaving Texas the previous night. It’s the third leg of a multi-stop trip across the U.S. booked through Priceline.

Twitter was down for about 15 minutes on Monday. Before Monday’s outage, Twitter had become so stable that they laid off the Fail Whale.

Apple is expected to finally announce iRadio, its streaming radio service, next week at its World Wide Developer Conference. Apple’s really committed to streaming radio; they’ve even hired a morning zoo team.

Have a great weekend all! Watch for me dancing (poorly) on Vine...

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