Google is ditching its most affordable storage plan for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos

But you can still get the old 25GB plan before it's removed

Google is updating its paid storage plans to remove the lowest tier, the 25GB plan for $2.49 a month. This means that new users who want to upgrade their storage space will have to opt into the $4.99/month 100GB plan or above, unless they sign up for the old plan before it's removed.

The move makes sense, given Google's recent consolidation of storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos to 15GB for each user. And on a per GB basis, the 100GB plan is a smarter buy.

Still, it's twice as much as the cheapest plan used to be. Additionally, the old plans also offered more storage space for Gmail separately: for example, 25GB of storage for Drive and Google+ Photos plus an additional 25GB of storage for Gmail.

The new plans are described by Google here, but if you'd like the cheaper old 25GB plan, you can find it on this least until it's removed.

Current users (including those who got in on the 20GB for $5/year plan) can keep their plans. Just make sure your automatic payments go through and you don't change your plan in any way, otherwise you won't be able to switch back to the sweet deal you're grandfathered into.

[via Google Operating System

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