Gary Beach Video: A Rational Take on BYOD, Mobile Collaboration


Sometimes it takes someone with a long history of covering CIO issues to give you a rational, reasoned take on the developments surrounding enterprise IT today. Take a few minutes and watch the video interview our executive editorial director Jim Malone conducts with Gary Beach, publisher emeritus of CIO Magazine, if for no other reason than to get a reasoned, well-thought series of takes on topics like BYOD and mobile workstyles.

Some points that jumped out at me include Beach's recognition that "work is no longer a destination" but a thing that gets done whenever, however. It's a subtle distinction, but in light of events like Yahoo's now-infamous everyone back to the office strategy, it's clearly still not something completely mainstream. Yet when savvy realists like Beach see BYOD as inevitable, it's clear there is a big movement afoot.

I also liked Beach's take on the contention that CEOs believe CIOs are out of touch with business needs. It's not a new battle, Beach contends, saying such views were common a decade ago. It's more about internal leadership structure than anything having to do with CIOs' ability to keep up with technology trends, Beach said.

You should take a few minutes and watch the video -- it's embedded below -- but I will leave you with another Beach-ism: Mobile technology, he notes, "is simple to use -- but not simple to integrate." Therein lies the CIO's task.

Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to watch more videos.

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