Make a Windows 8 app...with no coding required

You could build an app in an afternoon, no programming experience needed

If you want to get in on the app-making action and Windows 8 is your platform of choice (hey, we need more good Windows 8 apps!), ZipApp can get you started, even if you're not a programmer.

The tool supports creating apps with static content (images, formatted text, and hyperlinks) as well as feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and RSS. So you can create your own RSS reader, a social media app, or a simple app incorporating your content. Or you can use ZipApp for the basic structure or base of your app and continue coding from there.

ZipAdd creates a zip file that you can use to build the package you need to submit your app to the Windows 8 store. You'll need the Windows 8 SDK and Visual Studio, however. You might be able to get these free, according to the ZipApp gettting started page.

[via MSDN]

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