Watch this super-cut remix of all the Super Bowl 2013 ads

Get a glimpse of all of the ads from this year's big game

If you were too busy on Sunday night worrying about whether the power was going to come back on at the Superdome (or, like me, you were watching Downton Abbey), then you might have missed some of the advertisements that ran during the Super Bowl.


Sure, there are plenty of sites where you can re-watch all of the ads in their entirety (or watch "extended" ads), but that could take up half your morning. Instead, watch this 2-minute, 36-second remix of the highlights of the ads, set to the tune of PSY's "Gangnam Style". Thanks to YouTuber Jeremiahjw for creating this:

What were your impressions of this year's Super Bowl ads, compared to last year's or previous years? Better, worse or just plain meh?

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