Apps we can't live without: Default Folder X

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Future challenges and features

After its 25 years of consistent development, you'd think Default Folder X users would feel confident that the software is here to stay. But Apple's recent focus on sandboxing for Mac App Store apps, and Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion, are raising valid concerns for system-enhancement utilities. For obvious reasons, Default Folder X can't be sold through the Mac App Store, so it's not (yet) subject to Apple's sandboxing rules. It's easy enough--for now, at least--for users to exempt Default Folder X from Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper restrictions. People are concerned, though, that Apple will someday require that all apps adhere to the App Store's sandboxing requirements, and such a restriction would effectively kill utilities such as Default Folder.

Still, St. Clair Software is planning for new features that it can add to the program, including tracking of files and folders, improved iCloud and Spotlight support, and integration with more third-party software. As Gotow put it, "Default Folder X evolves as people's needs change--OS X is not the same as it was even a couple of years ago, and I want to keep Default Folder X in step with it so it continues to be the valuable, timesaving tool it's been for so many Mac users."

That evolve-and-adapt strategy is a big reason why the software has survived for 25 years--and why I still rely on it.

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