Host your website for free on Google Drive

It's easy to store your web pages on Google Drive and serve them up to the world

Google Drive is a convenient place to store and share files online. Now Google has added a feature where you can share hosted websites in Google Drive. This is a great free option if you've ever wanted to create a personal landing page, portfolio, or online resume or if you're a web developer who needs to share drafts with clients.

To get started, all you need to do is create a new public folder in Drive and upload your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to it. Open the starting HTML file with the preview button and you can grab a URL to share with others. While the pages and files are public, visitors will need that link to visit them.

Unfortunately, this doesn't serve up PHP files. There's also no word on bandwidth limitations, so this probably isn't a good idea for hosting a major website.

If you have a custom domain name, though, and don't like the "" long URL, you should be able to forward your domain name to the Google Drive page. (Check your domain control panel.)

Google introduced an option for web developers to publish website content previously, but the instructions to do so were a bit more complicated. This new feature is as simple as creating your files and uploading it to a public folder.

To see an example, here's Google's own hosted webpage in Google Drive. [via The Next Web]

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