Get 25GB of free online storage on Box

Because you can never have enough cloud storage space

Box (formerly is one of the biggest cloud storage providers, with over 140,000 businesses and consumers using the service. If the typical 5GB free online storage from most services isn't enough for all your pictures and other files, Box is offering new accounts 25GB for free.

If you already have a Box account, you could create a new one with a new email address or an alias (e.g., instead of, add a period somewhere: will still be delivered to your address). You can then share folders between your accounts.

Sharing and security are among Box's strong suits as an online storage service. Designed with business and enterprise users in mind, it offers granular permissions controls over shared files. A relatively new syncing app keeps your files in sync across multiple devices, a la Dropbox, Google Drive, and other storage and syncing solutions.

The biggest downside of the service, however, is the limit on file uploads: just 250MB.

If that's not a problem for you, take advantage of this limited-time promotion here. Or grab even more space with a qualifying device from this Box Promotions list. [via Slickdeals]

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