Search or browse your friends' Facebook photos with Bing

Where's that funny/inspiring/weird photo one of your Facebook friends posted ages ago?

If your friends are prolific photo sharers on Facebook, it's hard to dig through all of their posts to find a specific photo. Bing's Facebook integration, however, makes it much easier.

The Friends' Photos feature on the search engine presents your Facebook friends' photos all together in a grid and lets you search for specific terms. You can also search and view your own photos and albums.

Of course, you'll need to link your Facebook account to Bing to use this feature. If you need more assurance about that, Microsoft says that only the photos you've made viewable to your friends will be shown to them in Bing, and your photos will never be shared with the public.

Friends' Photos, still in beta, was introduced last year, but has been updated today with a more Metro-y interface and a slideshow mode, Ghacks points out. These updates are still rolling out for everyone.

The search isn't perfect yet. For example, I typed in "food" and only found a handful of the probably hundreds of food pics shared with me on Facebook. Still, if you're looking for a specific photo on Facebook or want to see all of your friends' photos on one page, you'll have a better chance of doing that on Bing than on the social network itself.

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