Save 15% on Amazon Subscribe & Save deliveries

A new discount means bigger savings on essentials from Amazon

Amazon's Subscribe & Save delivery program has long been a very convenient way to keep everyday items, like laundry detergent and baby wipes, always in stock. If you only have one or two subscriptions, here's why you might want to add some more: a 15% savings on top of the discounted item price.

This new discount applies when you have five or more subscriptions delivered in the same month, according to Amazon's Subscribe and Save page. So setting at least five Subscribe & Save items to be delivered monthly (if you use them up monthly) could be a great deal. Some things you might add include: toilet paper, batteries, tissues, paper towels, pet food, diapers, baby wipes, and coffee pods.

While you won't get the 15% savings on diapers and baby wipes, they do count towards the five item minimum to get the overall savings.

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[via Lifehacker]

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