Need a laugh? This website tells you the brutal truth about your passwords

Just like a passive-aggressive family member would

"I'm not angry, just disappointed."

"Don't come crying to me when you're hacked."

"Do you even know what a password is!?"

There are lots of password checkers on the Internet, but none as humorous as The Passive Aggressive Password Machine. Instead of a boring old password strength meter, the simple website responds to entered passwords with (usually sarcastic, mostly funny) comments like the ones above.

Although PaP developers Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider call the password checker "useless," intending it mostly for fun, it really does point out a truth about password security: The longer your password, the better. In fact, character for character, password length is more important than complexity.

The Passive Aggressive Password Machine only starts to stop insulting your password choices once you've entered more than 20 characters. Of course, enter too many characters and you'll be told another password truth: "Yeah, like you're going to remember this."

Have fun playing with the site here.

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