A week of Google Android discounts and free gifts

Grab these week-long specials from Google in honor of its first birthday for Google Play

A year ago today, Google changed the Android Market to Google Play, focusing the store on not just Android apps but also music, movies, and other digital content. To celebrate, Google is kicking off a week of special deals on apps, games, music, and more.

On the first day (today), Google is offering a free track from The Velvet Underground, 10% off on a hotel stay through Hotels.com, $20 in free gift cards through Gyft, a $15 gift card for shopping app Fancy, the book A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice, and more.

Clicking on the links on the Google Play promotion page for music, movies, books, magazines, TV, and exclusive gaming gifts will take you to pages with additional offers or specials.

Although the listed offers or "gifts" might not be all that exciting, Google has 6 more days to celebrate with us. So check back on the offer page regularly this week to find more deals that might pique your interest.

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