Awesome NASA apps to download and launch

Agency offers mobile apps for Earthlings who can't get enough of space

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Maybe you'll never be one of the lucky few to eventually travel in space. But that doesn't mean your average Earthbound space junkies can't get their thrills in other ways. NASA offers smartphone and tablet users a number of apps that allow them to keep up on the latest space news and views while out and about on our home planet. Here are some of the apps available from our space agency: NASA App (for iOS and Android) -- This free app "showcases a huge collection of the latest NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, NASA Television, mission information, news & feature stories, latest tweets, ISS sighting opportunities, satellite tracking, Third Rock Radio and much more," says NASA. It can be downloaded from Apple's App Store as well as Google Play. NASA Television -- This app for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches lets users "watch the latest NASA events unfold in real-time or select from a list of recently uploaded videos." Also includes a NASA TV schedule and list of NASA-related programming from other networks. NASA Earth As Art -- For iPads only, this app "features stunning images of Earth from the Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua satellites" and "time-lapse satellite images of locations on Earth undergoing significant change over decades, linking to NASA’s Earth Observatory website." NASA Be A Martian -- You don't have to pay $500,000 or risk losing your bone mass to get a taste of life on the Red Planet. Download this app for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone to "experience Mars as if you were there!" Features include "the latest mission images of our spacecraft and those returned from the Red Planet." There are a bunch more on this page. Have fun, Earthlings. Now read this:

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