The Weekly Hash - March 8, 2013

Spanning the globe to joke about this week’s top tech stories, from North Korea to New Zealand with a quick stop on Mars

030713_pirate_bay_NK-small.jpgImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Even North Korea isn't that crazy

If I had asked you a month ago which of the following stories about North Korea was a hoax, what would you have said? (a) renegade state North Korea has agreed to hostrenegade website the Pirate Bay or (b) former NBA star and general wackjob Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea and became besties with Kim Jong Un? That’s what I thought. Next up on Dennis Rodman’s list of crazed, out-of-touch dictators to hang out with: Marissa Mayer.

Anyway, here, now, is your wrap up of goofy tech stories for the past week...

The Pirate Bay announced on Monday that it was being hosted by North Korea, which they later admitted was a hoax. It was a pretty elaborate hoax; they spoofed a North Korean IP address and ousted Dennis Rodman as the mayor of Pyongyang.

Pandora CEO Joseph Kennedy announced on Thursday that he was stepping down. Pandora says whomever they hire as their next CEO will have to work up to 40 hours a month for free.

The SpaceX Dragon supply capsule arrived at the International Space Station on Sunday. It delivered 1,200 pounds of supplies and a side order of cheesy bread.

The White House responded to a petition on Monday about unlocking smartphones, saying they agreed that it should not be illegal. The opinion was announced by R. David Edelman, Obama’s senior adviser for nerdy stuff.

On Thursday, Facebook unveiled their redesigned News Feed which features larger images. Facebook said that seeing bigger pictures from your friends will make it easier for you to feel worse about your own life.

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