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It was a busy week for cloud news. In case you missed them, these were the most important developments:

AWS offers free trial of Trusted Advisor: I’ve said it before: vendors of cloud monitoring tools should be worried about AWS moving into their territory. Over the weekend, AWS began offering a free trial of its Trusted Advisor service to all sizes of customers; it used to be only available to customers who had signed up for business or enterprise premium support services.

Trusted Advisor shows customers over or underutilized EC2 instances, points out security gaps and makes recommendations about how to cut costs. Sounds a lot like services from third parties like Newvem, Cloudability and Cloudyn...

Microsoft acquires monitoring service, offers it for free: Those same companies that also happen to offer Azure monitoring should be doubly worried, since this week Microsoft acquired MetricsHub, a service that monitors Azure deployments and can automatically scale them to save costs. With the acquisition, the service becomes free to Azure customers.

The independent monitoring services might be hoping to similarly be acquired, but there aren't enough to go around. They'll have to expand their services or customers won't have a reason to pay for them.

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IBM OpenStack news: There was a lot of buzz this week about IBM’s commitment to OpenStack, but in reality the company didn’t really say much. It was already a member of the OpenStack Foundation, so it was pretty clear that it was interested in the technology. This week IBM introduced an orchestration tool that’s built on OpenStack and is designed to make it easier for users to configure applications running on IBM’s cloud. However, IBM’s cloud service isn’t running on OpenStack. Yet. An executive hinted to Network World that it might. Some day…

Amazon cuts DynamoDB price: Another week, another Amazon Web Services price cut. It’s been a year since AWS launched its database service, DynamoDB. Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, wrote that economies of scale and specially tuned hardware and software enable the price cut, which in some cases represents an 85 percent reduction, he said.

According to Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady, who wrote a report about DynamoDB at launch last year, the service is attractive to customers eager to offload the burden of maintaining a database but because it’s a proprietary technology, some customers may be reluctant to adopt it because of the work involved porting existing workloads to it.

Cloud Foundry starts selling support services: Cloud Foundry, the open source platform-as-a-service project that was spun out of VMware into the Pivotal Initiative last year, said it is now offering software and support services. GigaOm’s Barb Darrow notes that there’s been plenty of uncertainty around Cloud Foundry. This recent move could boost confidence in it since it seems the project is humming along.

Rackspace adds features to Private Cloud Software: Rackspace this week added a new graphical user interface and API aimed at making it easier to deploy, manage and maintain its Private Cloud offering, which is designed to let customers run an internal OpenStack cloud that can be maintained by Rackspace. The company also added Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS as host operating system options for the deployments, in addition to Ubuntu.

Ebay develops system for measuring data center productivity: Data Center Knowledge reports that eBay is sharing a methodology it developed and calls Digital Service Efficiency that connects data center productivity with cost and benefit. Using detailed metrics as part of the methodology it found that a recent software tweak allowed it to remove 400 servers and avoid spending $2 million to refresh the servers.

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